VServe primary objective is to provide people with safety, security and make sure basic necessity services are fulfilled in the comfort and safety of their homes. This is done using our intelligent emergency response system, which is available as a mobile application for the subscribed users. In the case of an emergency or a need, VServe can respond with the least amount of time.

Safe Dine

Safe Dine is an impeccable dining solution for the cuisine outlets, to provide a marvelous dining experience. Safe Dine is a mobile application for the restaurant businesses, to flawlessly and efficiently manage cuisine order processing. It can capture diner's mind right from the ‘seat of choice’ to the ‘contentment’. Safe Dine can completely transform the conventional paper-based processes to automated and painless processes.

Safe Fleet

Safe Fleet is a comprehensive solution for the fleet owners to track and manage their vehicles. It performs tasks pertaining to the overall functioning of your fleet, including budgeting, vehicle tracking, driver and device management, preventive maintenance, vendor management and much more.

Safe Bus

Safe Bus is a complete safety travel solution for students and addresses one of the major security concerns faced by the parents and the school authorities today. It has unique features like safety meter, personalized and easy-to-use dashboards for the school management. Also for parents a mobile application to track the location of the school bus in real time.

Online Booking Portal

OBP will be one of a kind efficient ticketing solution for the tour and travel ticket booking. It is in the beta stage of development. OBP shall be optimized to perform at full scale irrespective of the kind of travel or tour package booking. With this web application, guests can book flights, trains, hotels, cars, buses etc. in real time, with the liberty to modify their itinerary on the go. Agents/ agencies can perform their business operations and manage their crediting systems.

Customer Management Solution

The crux of any business is the data that runs through the vital business processes. With our CMS, businesses can track customer details and monitor every process in an efficient way and thereby avoid any monetary and opportunity losses. Now businesses can spend more time to serve new customers and less on the administration.

Accounting Tool

Accounting Tool is a comprehensive accounting that can manage entire accounting requirements for SME. With accounting tool, you can handle chart of accounts, cash book, bank book, general ledgers, and trial balance.

Some other features include manage companies, manage account year, manage entry types, manage double entry book, manage master tables, manage currency, manage banks, profit & loss accounts, balance sheet, invoices, bills, cheque payments, cash payments, bank reconciliation, and reports.


HR Management System organizes information about every employee in the organization, such as who is currently in a particular position, remunerations and job responsibilities, training needs and the benefits assigned to an employee. Reports can be generated on groups, positions or entire workforce to determine the manpower requirements. HRMS can determine the impact of expansion such as the cost involved to add new employees to staff a new/ existing projects to increase productivity.

Project Management Tool

With PM you can plan, track, and collaborate your work progress. It lets people in the group to communicate and discuss ideas and thereby stay updated. Along with this, you can also manage tasks, reminders, recruitment, and meetings and schedule any follow-up.

Minibar Management Solution

Minibar supply-tracking and monitoring has always been a pain area for hotels. Minibar management solution empowers hotels by allowing them to efficiently document and track the minibar supplies. With minibar management solution the room attendant can capture and track supply details on the go. It can also integrate and push information to your billing software.

Billing Solution

Billing solution is simple, effective and intuitive billing software, designed for both national and international markets at the same time. It offers tax, excise & retail invoices. You can easily and quickly manage your invoices, quotations, proformas and challans. With just a few clicks your invoices are ready to print or email. With all invoices available at your fingertips, tracking payment has never been so easy.